And the road to Rogue begins…

I promised you a few pics of the Rogue yarn yesterday so here goes.
Here’s a lovely shot of all the yarn stacked nicely on my kitchen counter:
I love Brown Sheep yarn. So stable and even. Can you tell I’ve been working on Araucania alot lately? But seriously, the quality is excellent and the price is so reasonable. Awesome color selection. A couple of gauges to pick from. 100% wool or wool/mohair blend. What’s not to love?
So, I took a few pics of the WIP (if you can call it that – I think there’s 8 rows right now) but the color is coming out almost black. The truer color is in the yarn pic above. Here’s where I am now, in her 1% done glory:
Since it’s just stockinette it’s curling so you can’t really see the knit side. I took a few closeups but they’re blurry so I’ll do better tomorrow. I should have the purl turning row done by then and it should help it flatten a bit.
Speaking of…I’m curious which way people have chosen to go on the edges. Rib or twisted knit. Purl turning row or not. I’m a big fan of the purl row because it creates that nice natural fold.
BTW, I still can’t help but think I might like this sweater better in a natural honey/oatmeal/camel/moss green sorta shade. This red is my favorite color, but I’m not too crazy about the way it looks with lighter colored jeans. Khakis are cool though. So I’m not 100% sold yet that this is the right choice. I think I’ll do a few more rows and decide then. Whaddya think? I guess a second one isn’t out of the question, although I don’t know if I have the attention span to knit 2 of the same sweater!

2 thoughts on “And the road to Rogue begins…

  1. I just wanted to say hi! I got here through Christina’s site!
    I love that cabled scarf! I’m all about the cable knitting right now!
    Everywhere I look online, there are SO many Rogue-along folks! I just might have to jump in with you all!
    You and I have the same weather pixie, although I think mine is quite a bit warmer here in California. :)

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