I added a gallery section to the blog. Yes, I’m aware there’s only 1 FO in there. I just got back into knitting after a 10+ year hiatus. I’ve been loving (obsessing?) every minute of it. So, for now there’s one FO. I have a second item that I have finished – a little baby “snowsuit”. But I gave it away for a shower gift before taking a pic so I need to work on getting one.
Rogue + Calmer = ??
I’m really getting curious about how Rogue will look in Calmer. It looks like it will hold cables nicely. Here’s Hush from the Rowan Calmer Collection:
The gauge is a bit off so I’d have to adjust for that. Calmer is 5 and Rogue is 4.5.
The color palette is a bit limited though. I think I’d try Zeal, Jewel, or Amour. Especially Amour. But that’s not a surprise to those of you who know me. Half my wardrobe is some shade of deep red.
And the Cabled & Ribbed sweater? I spent some time determining the pattern if I do just ribbing. I want to make sure the body ribbing matches up well with the neck. That’s right. I’m wussing out and going cable-less for the back. Thank you very much Evelyn!

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