Monday Morning Blues

Alright, my first weekday post. Um, this is tough. I already get up at 5 or 5:30 in the morning. We’re gonna have to figure this one out, because I am NOT getting up at 4 am!
It was great! I met about 10 or 12 fellow knitters – all different levels. In fact, one attended just to learn how to knit yesterday. By the end she had a couple of inches of garter stitch, knew how to purl, and was going to try some ribbing. Pretty fast learner, huh?
Cabled & Ribbed Update

I got another half a repeat done. Yes, I said I wanted a whole repeat, but there was a fair amount of socializing going on and I didn’t want to miss out. I’ll have to try to make up for it during the week. I started hank 2 of 9 yesterday, so that is something.
Speaking of a new hank – I rolled my first center-pull ball yesterday. Yes, hardly forging new territory but it was my little accomplishment for the day. If you haven’t tried to do this you really have to – so much nicer to not have this ball rolling around everywhere (especially for those of us with kitties!).
Here’s how I did mine:
Take an old medicine bottle (about 3-5 inches tall). Take the end of the yarn and cap it inside the bottle. Now, roll the yarn around the bottle. That’s it! More of the yarn will go toward the center rather than the ends but that’s good because it will let the skein sit flat rather than being almost round. See – easy, right?

5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. Beautiful sweater. I love the Men-Along. I am knitting a ribbed scarf for my little man and avoiding a Dale pullover for the bigger man. Great blog. I am new to blogging as well. And I am impressed that you can knit a cable and bitch. I always screwed up my cables at SnB sessions!

  2. Your sweater looks wonderful. I’m also impressed with your ability to socialize and cable. I screw up my cables just watching TV. I really like your Kureyon scarf pattern. Just one question – How long is the finished scarf?

  3. everyone – thanks for the comments! it’s only day 3 and i really didn’t expect anything!
    cabling and talking – i couldn’t have done it during the first half a repeat or so, but by now i’ve gotten the hang of it. they’re all travelling stitches – just moving a stitch at a time – so it’s pretty easy to figure out where to move to next.
    kathleen – which dale sweater? you may have noticed i have a couple in the TBK list on the side. although given their gauge i’ll never finish them for this winter!
    christina – the scarf length. well, i’m not done yet! but, given the amount i’ve used so far i’m guessing it’ll be about 45-50 inches by the time i use up all 4 skeins. i’ll keep y’all posted.

  4. Great blog, great sweater! I’m new to blogging too, have been at it since December and having a blast….but, out here in the middle of nowhere, have no group of knitting friends. You are blessed!

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