Rogue Musings

I haven’t been able to get Rogue off my mind since the weekend. Given I can exhibit the attention span of a toddler, I think this means I really really really like Rogue.
So…any ideas what I might be making next? You guessed it. God you’re good.
I slipped out of work yesterday to visit a LYS and pick up a few balls of yarn. I’d like to make Rogue in something that’s fairly light-midweight so I can wear it in the fall, winter, or spring. So, I’m thinking about a cotton blend. But, we all know how unstretchy and growing cotton can be, so I’m going to knit up a few swatches. Here are the 2 yarns I have so far:
Rowan All Seasons Cotton – 60% cotton, 40% acrylic. Machine Washable! But kinda feels like cotton – you know, inelastic, a bit rough.
Rowan Wool Cotton – 50% merino, 50% cotton. Hand wash or dry clean only. But, it has a much nicer hand to it, and a bit of stretch.
Another I want to try – Rowan Calmer. It’s supposed to be lovely – stretchy, lightweight, and wonderful. But my local Rowan stockist doesn’t have any. So I may order a ball online.
I’m not focussing on Rowan for any particular reason, they just seemed to be the only 2 I liked yesterday. I’ll knit up a swatch or two when I need a break from Cabled & Ribbed sweater.
Oh yeah, the Cabled & Ribbed sweater. Well, not much progress to report on that. But I had a great night hanging out with Evelyn last night. Guess I did more socializing and pattern/catalog perusing than knitting.
However, Evelyn had quite the idea last night, and I’m seriously considering it. The sweater has 56 stitches of cables in the center of it. Her suggestion was to make the back just ribbing, and only have the cables in the front. I think it’s a pretty good idea. It will certainly speed up my progress. But I’m struggling with the “am I doing this just to get it done faster?” sorta question. I mean, no one but me (and my blog readers – yes, all 3 of you!) would ever know the back was supposed to be cabled. Well, I have a few more days to think about it before I get to the point where I need to shape for the front or back neck.

4 thoughts on “Rogue Musings

  1. I do like the idea of just ribbing on the back. There is no need to have the cableing be on the back too. Go for it.
    As for Rowan Calmer, I can pick up a ball for you and send it off if you’d like. Send me an email and I’ll pick one up for you. It seems silly to order just one.

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