Baby Patterns

I got lots of great advice and pattern hints over the past few days on my 2 upcoming baby projects. As someone without kids, I can’t thank you all enough. Your advice is invaluable.
I’ve been planning to put together some resource pages for my blog. When I get around to it I’ll be sure to link up the various baby postings that have come thru. I can’t be the only baby-clueless knitter out there :)
I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet. I’m going to check out a few LYS this weekend and if some yarn draws me in I’ll start there. The mom who’s having the boy loves brights so I’ll be on the lookout for some bright colored yarns that can work for warm weather newborns.
I can’t help but think I’d love to do a little sundress (they’re oh-so-cute!) so I may hold out on the one who doesn’t know what she’s having until the birth. Yes, I’d really love to do a little sundress, maybe with some simple eyelets along the bottom edge or throughout the bodice. I guess all the ribbing and cables I’ve been doing lately is drawing me into some openwork.

3 thoughts on “Baby Patterns

  1. Hi!
    I’m also knitting baby stuff for the first time – always knit sweaters for me, scarves, hats. I just posted a question on Wendy’s forum about getting a gauge on smaller yarn. I will love it if you create something here for fine baby knitting.

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