Calmer Pattern?

OK, I think I may have found what I want to do with the Calmer. It’s Dale of Norway Santos in the Trend #128:


I like the pullover version that’s in the back. While the yarn is pretty different – the Dale one is made in Sisik – I think it will work. The gauge is the same. I have some Sisik in my stash and it’s pretty drapey as well. I just love the bell sleeves on this one and pretty edging. Now I just have to decide on a color. I keep going back to Jewel which is a burgundy very similar to Rogue. It’s my favorite color but I’m not sure if I want to do 2 sweaters in a row in basically the same color. There’s a good Calmer color chart at Woodland Woolworks. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Calmer Pattern?

  1. Do you already have the pattern? I ask because I accidentally bought an extra copy of the booklet (guess I really DO like the patterns in there) and I think I still have it if’n you’d want to trade or something.

  2. I love that pattern. I’ll have to check out the booklet. If Eklectika wants to work out a trade for something… I could maybe make this for my daughter’s birthday.

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