I’m Getting a Knitting Room!

Several months ago – on a whim – I decided to break a hole in the guest bedroom wall to see if I could expose the brick chimney. It was there – but not in a pretty, exposable sorta way. Moreso in a mortar leaking out, sun shining in through the cracks sorta way. Even still, it started me on wanting to redo that bedroom.
A few months — and a lot of hard work — later, and the walls were pulled down between two bedrooms to make way for a large, master suite. A new project was born.
Now, I’ve got 2 bedrooms stripped to the studs. Clean slates. I’ve taken off work next week to try and tackle as much of the work left as possible. The bigger bedroom will become the master bedroom. With closets! Yes, closets! Those of you who live in old houses understand the importance of this statement.
The smaller bedroom will become my knitting room! My very own stash-storing, sweater-blocking, cushy-chair-knitting, project-dreaming room! So, I need to decide what I want to do with this room. It’s not very big. It’s L-shaped, the long wall is 12 feet long, the short one is 8 feet long. But the attic stairs cut a decent amount out of it so I’m going to have to get creative with how I lay out things.
Here are a few pics if you’re curious.
So, my question for today is…What suggestions do you have for this room? What would you say are must haves?
BTW, I probably won’t have alot of knitting updates to post over the next week since the rooms will be my main projects. But, I’m going to try to still post. There have been alot of resources I’ve come across on the web in the past few months that I’ve been meaning to gather together and post. So I’ll work on the resources section of my blog instead. Once I get back to work I’ll also get back to knitting. Don’t be surprised if I take a night off though just to sit and knit though. I don’t know if I can cold turkey like that :)
Tank Search Update
A HUGE thank you to Sonja for sending me the link to Carolyn’s site. That was the one! I just love those tanks. Not that I need to add to the Future Projects list, but I will :)

6 thoughts on “I’m Getting a Knitting Room!

  1. Hey Jody-
    Loved the pictures of your house. Your project sounds fun. I would suggest a visit to organized living. They have all this neat organization stuff. Its usually a bit more expensive but whith valuable time it’s easier than hunting down the best price.
    The chairs in your dining room remind me of this pineapple chair that my aunt gave me. Do your chairs have pineapples on the back?
    So I got wool (didn’t have the Kureyon so I got a similar weight – Berroco Uxbridge Tweed)and started your scarf with the cables. I had to rip once but things are going well now. Won’t be at Perkfection on Monday. Taking a pattern reading class. Decided on a new sweater project. Going to get wool and use that pattern.
    Good luck with your project. If the room ends up anything like your kitchen and Dining Room I am sure it will be lovely.

  2. do not underestimate storage space! and labels for where things belong!!!
    i like your idea about opening up the stairs to the attic–it would open the room up as well as offer the possibility of storing bits and pieces on the stair-steps–so long as the attic isn’t used often, but rather on a semi-annual basis.
    and leave room for a big comfy chair or a loveseat!!!

  3. Hey Jody-
    Me again. I’m thinking of using this chunky wool I have for another cable scarf. Is there any reason why you cabled everything 10th row with your pattern. I am thinking of only having two rows of cable and would like them to be a little tighter. Would I do the cable every 6th or 8th row? What do you think? Thx-

  4. Just stumbled over your blog….I’m a new knitting obessive person! LOL
    Wow, how lucky for you to get your own stash room! And yes, I totally understand the craving for closets – I grew up in Europe!

  5. Knitting room! Closets! *swoon*
    It sounds like a great project for you! Congrats!
    My number one suggestion is to make sure that your light, whether coming from a natural or artificial source is good.
    Don’t underestimate the frustration that bad lighting in a creative space can cause! Hang out there at different times of the day and see what your lighting needs are. You may decide that placement of furniture and storage areas may change due to windows and natural light.
    By the way, your dining room and kitchen look AMAZING! Can’t wait to see the finished pics of your new STUDIO!
    p.s. I’m adding a link to your blog on mine, hope you don’t mind!

  6. ooh…I am very jealous of your knitting room. But right now, I would be very happy with a second bathroom. :) That’s starting on Friday. Yipee!! Good luck with the renovations.

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