Tank Pattern Search

I’ve been daydreaming about starting up some warm weather projects. The idea of smaller gauge yarn, no sleeves, and finer detail work have been calling me.
A week or two ago I came across a blogger who was working on a tank knit along. It was choose any three tanks. She had great taste and chose three very interesting tanks. One was from Rebecca and was really cool. The bottom two-thirds of the tank was ribbing and the top portion was a cable or texture. Anyway, I really liked her choices and I’d like to go back and see them. Has anyone come across this knit along or know this blogger? I have no idea how I happened upon her site now :(

2 thoughts on “Tank Pattern Search

  1. cool tanks! I have a feeling erin would like that one short-sleeved sweater that is sort of off-the-shoulder. I also really like that team jersey sweater! cute!

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