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Can I tell ya how much I love sock knitting? An astute friend observed that it’s just my ADD and this is my shiny object du jour, but I still love it nonetheless. I really expected it to feel like it was going slower, but the progress does come pretty quickly. I’m using 3.25 mm (US #3) so they’re not as small as some sock needles. Maybe that’s why. I’m almost to the heel shaping point:


There’s one tiny thing that’s bothering me though. Has anyone else noticed tiny spots of white in their Koigu? I have 2 or 3 spots on the sock so far. It’s only a stitch or so on each spot, but it’s still bugging me a bit. If you look closely you can see one of them in the second orange stripe from the top, by the ball of my foot. In this case it’s only a half a stitch. Go ahead…tell me I’m just being too picky.
And, when I’m not knitting socks I’ve been knitting Rogue lately. I’m just above the point where you join the pocket back in with the body:

I do love the way this one is coming together. The color is great! I’m still a bit concerned about the vertical bars in the st st but I’m holding to the theory that it will relax once washed a few times. Has anyone else had this issue with single ply yarn and successfully resolved it?
Hmmm….looks like I’m full of criticisms today. In general I’m really happy with the way both of these are progressing. I guess when you spend soooo much time on something you just want it to be perfect.

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  1. The same thing happens to me when I use Lamb’s Pride – at least that is when it’s most noticable. I’m currently knitting a stockinette sweater in Peace Fleece and while the same tendency is there, it’s much less noticable because the twist of the yarn is different.
    Leigh over at Woolflowers noticed it in her knitting and posted about it on 11/24/03. (http://www.woolflowers.net/archives/2003_11.html)
    I looked up an article on knitting tension that was in one of the Cast-on Master knitting articles and their sample swatch of “good” knitting (as opposed to “bad”) showed a similar ridge.
    I think I read somewhere that continental knitters tend to see this happen more than knitters that throw the yarn with their right hand. Not sure if this is true though…
    It looks pretty – I think that’s the perfect color for Rogue (and for a February project!)

  2. Thanks for the info, Mary. I do knit continental, so maybe that’s making it more pronounced. Even so, there’s no way I’m switching, so let’s just hope it loosens up over time :)
    I may knit up a swatch and wash it a few times to see what it does. One wash didn’t really change it much.

  3. Jody the sock looks beautiful, spots or no spots! Actually, all your projects are truly beautiful! I printed out your sock pattern, but I think I’ll need your help with it. I got my Adrienne Vittadini yarn in the mail yesterday, so I’ve given up on socks for the time being and moved onto cardigan. I can’t wait to show it to you.

  4. For what it’s worth, I knit English style and throw with my right hand. I find that I get the bars with most single ply yarns. Lamb’s Pride and Noro Kureyon are two that I can remember getting this effect with.
    I think it’s just a characteristic of the one ply yarns.
    As others have said already, your Rogue is looking gorgeous! Love the colors in your sock as well!

  5. From what I’ve heard, the vertical ridge is what you get because of the twist of the single ply yarn. I’ve had english (throwers) and continental knitters alike get it. I like it personally, though one side of the stitch looks a little smaller, everything else looks so tidy and even 😉

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