I Got a New Job!

I’ve been looking diligently for a new job for the past month. I couldn’t really talk about it on my blog though because I didn’t want anyone from work to see. Well, it’s not a secret any more. I resigned last week!
I was pretty unhappy about work and I’m so excited to be joining this new company. They really seem like the type of company I’d like to work for. Small, motivated, high morale. What a change from the current place! I start on April 5th and I’m really looking forward to it.
I have some time off between jobs and I’ll be getting busy making the house presentable. Finishing up projects. Touching up paint. Primping the garden. And a few other projects that I’m not looking forward to. Of course, knitting is a wonderful procrastination method so I’m sure I’ll be getting tons done!
Speaking of, I’m making progress on that Rogue hood. I’m at row 55 – less than 30 to go! I know I can bang out that last sleeve in a day so all I need to do is get thru 30 rows by the end of the week to be in good shape to finish this weekend. Christy and I are both hoping to be done soon. Send us good wishes so we can wear this thing before spring hits for good!

8 thoughts on “I Got a New Job!

  1. wow!
    many congrats!
    i hope i can share equally exciting news myself.
    (be sure to look for a house that has a knitting room all ready to go!!!)

  2. Congrats on the new job. Will you be sad to sell the house? Haven’t you put a lot of work into it? Can you tell I have issues with moving?

  3. Congrats on the new job. Maybe your next home will have a room perfectly suited to be your knitting haven. All you’ll have to do is move in your yarn and some confy chairs.

  4. Lucky company to be getting you!! I hope you will be very happy there. Congratulations and best wishes for a smooth move :)

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