Men’s Socks Part 2

I did some surfing and researching last night and here’s what I’ve come up with so far as options:

  • Lion Brand Cottage Socks – OK, these things look butt-ugly in the picture but I think with the right color choices, some striping, or a different colored heel/toe and they’d look fine. They’re quite heavy – 9 sts over 4 inches, done on 9.0 mm/US #13!!! – so they’d definitely be warm. Big thanks to Crystal for pointing this one out. Right now it’s my fav.
  • Knitting Now’s Bulky Sock Pattern – Not as heavy (4.5 spi) but still looks like a heavy-weight sock. And they even show the sock with a contrasting heel and toe.
  • Fireside Sock – Stella did this as her first sock in Plymouth Encore Worsted and it looks nice and heavy and warm too.

Alternative to Kitchner for Top Down Socks
One cool thing I thought I’d share. I’m sure alot of you already thought of this, but I hadn’t until I read the Lion Brand instructions. One of the reasons I’ve been avoiding top-down socks is because I HATE HATE HATE finishing and toe ups have no finishing other than weaving in the ends. Well, I don’t know why it never dawned on me to do a 3 needle bind off at the toes before. That’s what the Lion pattern instructs and it makes sense to me. I don’t think it will be very bulky and you don’t have to graft that way! So I think I’ll try top-down this time.
Three Needle Bind Off
Oh, for those of you looking for good 3 needle bind off instructions (with pics!)- I found this one yesterday while visiting Becky over at fluffa
Knitty Stuff on Sale!
While visiting Stella today I came across her post about $4 off any order of $40 or more. I’ve been delaying my Yarn Ho t-shirt purchase but I may just have to do it now. Visit Stella for details.

4 thoughts on “Men’s Socks Part 2

  1. I am a sucker for Border Collies, I would easily get sucked into those Lion Brand ones. Definately in cooler colors! Do you have the yarn already picked out?

  2. FYI – I have done a three-needle bind off on toes and didn’t like it. I could feel the ridge while wearing the socks and it bugged me. It just fell in the wrong place. So now I graft or do from the toe up. But maybe it won’t bother you.

  3. Maybe the Lion’s Brand socks would look better if they weren’t so long. Would it be possible to use Wendy’s sock pattern with a thicker yarn? I think you’d just change the pattern to fit a different gauge.

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