Secret Pal Mail

I got my secret pal gift in the mail on Thursday! Yesterday was my last day at the old job so I didn’t get a chance to post about it until now. I was able to take a few pics though:

wanna see?

The little diary is perfect for keeping in my knitting bag. The little bags are great for notions – I usually just drop them in my knitting bag so they’ll keep me a bit more organized. And I don’t know how she figured this one. I just lost my gauge ruler – so it was perfect! Thank you, secret pal. If I only knew WHO you were I could thank you properly 😉
I’m done with the knitting! I finished the hood last night and did sleeve 2 today! It’s happily blocking and I’m hoping I’ll be able to sew the sleeves in tomorrow. I really wanna wear it on Monday!

4 thoughts on “Secret Pal Mail

  1. That’s a very cool secret pal gift.
    I can’t wait to see pictures of your finished Rogue. You should be excited; it will be your blog’s first FO!

  2. I’m so glad that you received your stuff safely! And found it useful. How did I figure out that you lost your gauge ruler? Just a guess – I lose mine all of the time!
    (That’s a fake email address – due to trying to keep a secret and all!)

  3. oh, oh oh–i think you left your gauge ruler at the SnB at my place? did you sit by the radiator? was it like a cardboard-type thing?
    if so, i still have it and if you’re gonna be at Stella’s for the next one, I can bring it!

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