Yarn 101 – More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Yarn

I was catching up on my Rogue Along email this morning when I came across this article. It’s from Knitter’s Review, and it’s a review of Marr Haven yarn.
Two things struck me about this review. For one, the yarn sounds wonderful and yummy. I can already envision it in some comfy weekend sweater. Maybe like the one in the Comforts of Home book? You know, a cushy, comfy, “blankie” kind of sweater.
So, I’ve bookmarked this yarn’s site so I can get to ordering some later in the year when I’m back to thinking about wool again.
The next thing that struck me about this article was how detailed the reviewer was in telling us why the yarn did what it did. I’m always interested in the “how does it work” kind of question, so this was like entertainment for me.
She explains why this yarn comes with a bit of vegetable matter – it’s because Marr Haven doesn’t use an acid bath to burn it away. No acid bath = softer yarn. OK, I can live with a little hay in my yarn for that.
She further tells us that the yarn is more susceptible to pilling. Why? It’s mule spun – a practice that closely resembles hand spinning. The yarn is not as tightly spun and therefore is more apt to pill. But, what’s so special about mule spun yarn is that it’s highly elastic. She even goes so far as to say we should make sure to use smaller needles when doing ribbing with this yarn because it is so stretchy.
And finally, the before and after photo. This yarn bloomed beautifully when washed! It practically sold me on the spot. Look how soft and cuddly – almost chenille like – the after photo is.
This yarn has me almost – just almost – wishing spring was a little further away.

2 thoughts on “Yarn 101 – More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Yarn

  1. I was so surprised to see this – it’s just like the yarn I use all the time – Merino Ramboulet, minimal processing, from the farm – except it’s a different farm! It’s wonderful! Thanks also for the post a while back about cabling without a cable needle. I had forgotten about that trick and it’s making my current project go much better!

  2. Thanks for the Marr Haven link, I couldn’t resist buying a few things while I was at their site and I should have a package arriving from them in just a few days! Yippee! Their service was wonderful.

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