Bad Dori, Bad Dori

I love the Berrocco Zen but I hate the way it knits up in the domino knitting. It’s light but think and I think it will become one of those sweaters that was fun to knit but never worn. So I’m frogging Dori.
So now, I’m left with 20 hanks of Zen and a hankering to do those cool sleeves on Dori. I love the purl ridge every fourth row. But I don’t think this yarn is the way to go with a pattern for those sleeves. So – what to do? Any suggestions? Right now I’m thinking about returning most/all of it. There’s a pattern in the latest IK with Zen but it’s one of those side-to-side sweaters and I’ve never been a big fan. Maybe a square neck tank?
I’ve been in love with Topacio. My LYS has it in most of the popular citrus colors as well as red, white and blue. It’s 60% Cotton/40% Acrylic and has a feeling very similar to Calmer. Without the Calmer pricetag though. It says handwash only but I’d try washing a swatch in the machine to see how it does. With 40% acrylic it might be fine.
You might be wondering about Tricot, since it has been stuck at 3% for almost a month. Well, it was another one of those projects that I just wasn’t happy with. I went back and returned the blue for some red. So yes, I’m now making a red and orange version. I love those colors together. I’m back to where I was before I frogged the blue so I should have this one done in a few weeks. I hope 😉 Pics in a few days when I’m used to posting again before I get to work. This working thing can really get in the way of the important stuff!

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