Fair Isle Anyone?

I haven’t really done any fair isle (other than playing with swatches) but it continues to appeal to me. I’ve been going thru pattern books alot lately and a few FI items have really drawn me.
First up, this one from Norsk Strikkedesign


I can’t decide if I’d ever actually wear it though. Have you ever been drawn to knitting something just for the art of it? This would undoubtedly be my most time consuming project thus far. I don’t think I could knit it if I thought I wouldn’t wear it.
So, with that in mind, I bring you this Drops design

The colors are really me. I do think I’d wear it, although not very often. It’s not like you can wear a sweater like that every day.
So then I look to Gerbera by Dale of Norway

in this colorway

Something drew me to this design from the moment I saw it. Not nearly as complex as the others, but probably more “wearable” than the other two.
For those of you who do FI, what do you think? Are these practical? Should I ditch practicality and just choose to knit something I’d enjoy knitting? There’s been some talk on the knitting blogs lately about knitting as a form of meditation. And it’s true – it does calm me and feel peaceful. But I won’t lie – I enjoy the results as much as the process. And if I thought I wouldn’t get much use out of something I was making I probably wouldn’t be able to complete it.
Summer Yarns and Patterns
Saturday’s knitting excursion will be to acquire more warm weather yarns or patterns. Any suggestions? Right now I’m thinking some Mission Falls for one of the tanks I mentioned on Tuesday and maybe some Tahki Cotton Classic for some kind of top (just because so many bloggers love it). I like the elasticity of Rowan Wool Cotton but can’t get past the fact it’s 50% wool (I know, it’s the wool’s properties that I’m so attracted to in the first place). Has anyone worn a Wool Cotton garment in the summer? Is it more of a spring/fall yarn? Do tell…..

7 thoughts on “Fair Isle Anyone?

  1. For the time and effort that FI entails, I say go with a design you’ll wear. I’ve had the yarn for that Dale Gerbera design in a chocolate and raspberry colorway for awhile now – maybe it will see the light of day this summer when the AC is cranked to the max!
    The Wool Cotton is a bit too warm for summer IMO – 50% is a bit much. You might try Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece – wool content is 20%. I have some very wearable summer tanks in that fiber.

  2. I like all three designs. I think the first one is really beautiful and if it were in your favorite colors, maybe you would wear it? I think it would be quite an accomplishment to make one of these. Maybe someday I’ll try it. I am finished all the pieces of my caridigan and started putting them together. I really need to start a blog. I hope you’re having a very happy birthday!

  3. The purple and green colorway would look great on you.
    I’m from the school of thought that says “don’t knit it if you won’t wear it.”
    Just me though.

  4. I have the yarn for Gerbera also, but didn’t get to it yet…I’m doing it in black n blue, meself…I sense a Gerbera-along in the future, LOL…I’ll make the button (Gerbera Daisies are my favorite flower, too)!!!

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