Woohoo! The day of the Great Yarn Excursion has finally arrived! I’ll be going to at least 4 different stores.
First, I’ll be stopping by the Tangled Web. They’re having a storewide 20% off sale and I’ll be able to say hello to Stella.
Then we’ll head on down to center city where we’ll visit Rosie’s and Sophie’s. Rosie’s is holding one of my birthday presents – a ball winder and swift!
From there we may head south and hit a couple places I’ve never been to. Or we may head north and go to The Woolly Lamb, Glenmarle Woolworks, and Pins and Needles.
Should be lots of fun. I’ll post pics of my acquisitions tomorrow!
So What Gives With Today’s Title?
We met up with PJ and Kelly last night. They gave me my birthday presents – a bottle of my favorite wine, a huge bouquet of flowers (love love LOVE getting flowers!), a copy of the latest VK, a really cute card ragging on my brother (she got in trouble for it but I think it was worth it), and FYO – For Yarn Only – money. Well, who am I to disappoint! I’ll be sure to put that money to good use today!
I also have some kind of cake that I’ll be getting today from Kelly. She loves to bake. The only hint I have is an IM from her yesterday that said “You like coconut, right?”. When asked why she needed to know, I got the standard “Oh no reason, go about your business”. So I’m guessing today’s cake will have something to do with coconut.
A piece of coconut cake isn’t such a bad way to end a taxing day of shopping!
Enjoy your day everyone. The northeast is finally warming up!