Gifts Galore

This has been quite a week for gifts. First, I received another package from my secret pal.


How does she do it? The flipbook is in my favorite color. Then there’s the Chibi. She sent one I haven’t seen before. It’s a set of 3 darning needles in various lengths. I always struggle at the end of a garment with the long needle. No more! On the left there is a Yankee Candle. I often have candles burning as I’m knitting so this was a perfect addition. The cute little post it notes in my favorite color of the season – pink. And finally, 4 little bars of awesome chocolate. How do I know it’s so good? See that wonky one on the bottom? It’s just a wrapper shell. I’ve been helping myself to a square here and there.
So once again secret pal, a huge thanks!
Then on Monday night Evelyn hit me with a birthday box full of knitting goodies

I’ve been eyeing up beaded stitch markers for a while now. These are really cool because they’re made from rustic looking beads – with little imperfections in them. The colors are great too. There’s a set of cute note cards in there – with pink accents as well. Some personalized labels for my knitting. Another chibi – how funny that I got 2 different ones. This one has special meaning though. I always forget to pack mine on Monday nights and am constantly asking Evelyn for hers! So now I can keep this one in my travel bag (which is one of the bags my secret pal sent me the first time). And finally – yarn bras! I keep meaning to order these things but never remember when placing an order. I’m going to test drive them with Tricot tonight. The Cotton Ease balls seem to unwind alot and the ziploc bags aren’t quite doing the trick.
Louise (also from Monday night knitting) gave me a box of Atkins brownie mix. Which will be put to good use as soon as I get myself in gear and get back on the diet.
And finally to round things out, I’m going on an all day knitting excursion on Saturday for my bday. We’ll probably spend most of our time in Philly and we should get some good eating in as well. I’ll tell you all about it on Sunday.
I promised a Tricot pic so here she is:

It’s knitting up faster the second time around. Mostly because I’m much happier with the colors this time. I’m not sure if it’s my imagination, but the red feels really soft compared to the blue. I really like the way this one feels. Progress on this guy is not so exciting to look at though so I’ll spare you all of daily pic updates unless I’ve hit a milestone.

7 thoughts on “Gifts Galore

  1. Love the tricot colors! Glad to hear she’s knitting up nicely this time. And a happy much belated birthday too!

  2. Love the tricot colors! Glad to hear she’s knitting up nicely this time. And a happy much belated birthday too!

  3. i searched around here for a while to find a finished picture of your tricot…didnt’ find it in the project archives.
    did you ever post a picture??? i’m excited to see it.

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