Gjør De taler norsk?

No, that’s not a garbled title. It’s Norwegian for “Do you speak Norwegian?” Or, at least, I think it is!
A couple weeks back I posted this pic:

as something I might consider trying for a FI project.
Then, while reading Carissa’s new list of tank patterns I followed the link to Garnstudio’s free patterns. And wouldn’t you know it, on page 32, there she is. The catch, of course, is that the pattern is only in Norwegian.
Then, I remembered that Theresa had a Norwegian for Knitters lesson on her site. All signs seem to be pointing to giving this a try.
I’ve always loved languages. I took 5 different ones between high school and college. And learned a bit of 2 more as an adult. So, the thought of broadening my language skills *together with* my knitting skills is very appealing to me. I haven’t decided for sure if I want to make *this* pattern, but I’m sure I’ll be picking something out of here just to give the translation thing a try.
I know a bunch of you have worked on Phildar patterns in French. How has this worked for you? Did you translate the whole pattern up front (which I think is what I’d do), or did you just work thru it as you went? Would you do it again?

4 thoughts on “Gjør De taler norsk?

  1. With the French Phildar patterns, I have translated the whole pattern before starting or least give it a really good read to make sure I understand everything. But I think the more you do them, the more you’ll get familiar and then it’s not a huge deal to just translate as you go.

  2. Ja, jeg taler norsk, egentlig. (Yes, actually, I do speak Norwegian). I lived there for a year as a foreign exchange student. I’d give a stab at helping with the pattern if you can’t find a bona fide Norwegian to help you.

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