House Cleaning

I’ve been doing some work on my blog this weekend. As you can see I added a header image. What do you think? After about 2 hours of searching online I decided to just take my own pic. I am so not a photographer though. Anyway, it’s a change and I like that. So it will stay for a bit.
I also did some work on PTD this weekend. Top downs are hard to see how they’re progressing when they’re on the needles so I threaded some scrap yarn through so it could lay flat.

click for a closeup of the eyelets

The Calmer is living up to my expectations beautifully. It’s light as air and drapey. A few more rows and I’ll be down to the sleeve body only.

9 thoughts on “House Cleaning

  1. Beautiful pic! You are SO a photographer! I have to show it to Erin, she will love it. I’m so glad you are feeling better and back to blogging, I missed reading it.

  2. That picture is FAB! My only suggestion would be it seems even better for a fall header image (the fallen leaves).
    Still, it’s Most Excellent, and you’ve inspired me to take some of my own knit-ish outside pictures!!!

  3. Wowsa on both fronts. Yes, you are a photographer and that header looks brill.
    The sweater looks gorgeous!
    You go grrrl.

  4. The header pic looks great Jody!!!! I do have to agree with the previous content about it being a rather “fallish” picture due to the leaves.
    Maybe find some of that great stuff just coming up in your garden for a pic? Some tulips or other such early spring plants.

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