I’m Baaaack!

Job Stuff
Day 2 of the job was alot of fun. And Portland, Maine is so pretty! It was around 50 degrees there and their offices were right at the port. There’s a really cute downtown area with cool looking bars and restaurants. All that and it’s only an hour plane ride! I hope we get this job. I’d love the occasional jaunt up there. I’ve heard it’s gorgeous in the summer.
I was able to get some knitting in while flying too. Although I forgot to pack an extra ball of yarn I ended up not needing it. The plane on the way back was so cold that I couldn’t knit very long anyway. I think I’m just about at the point where I split off for the sleeves.
Colorwise, I’m considering only doing to 2 darker colors though. I think if I add in the light pink that it may feel too sporty/casual. And I suspect the lacey raglan seams and edges will conflict with that look. So, instead, I’m considering doing stripes in the center to more gradually switch between the more fuschia red and the more red red. See my previous post for the 3 colors.
Thanks for all the nice comments on the header! I agree with the comments about the fallen leaves. I thought the same thing but I wanted to see if anyone else did too. I took a bunch of pics with the daffodils too but they all looked odd – kinda staged if that makes any sense. I’ll try some more this weekend if the weather’s nice again and see what I can come up with.
Or I could just clean up the leaves out front of my house and take the pic again.
Nah, too much work.

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  1. I am glad you had a nice time in Maine. Portland is a great town. Are you moving to Portland? I know there was a new job…I am confused.

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