Knitting in Circles

No, I don’t mean knitting in the round.
Knitting in Circles – The act of knitting the same part of a project twice. Often preceeded by frogging, always preceeded by cursing, it is what a knitter often does in search of the perfect garment.
And I’ve been doing exactly that. On Sunday I cast on for Maude. I was really enjoying knitting with the Misison Falls. It was making a beautiful fabric, and the color changes every few rows kept me interested. As I added each new color the tank took on a different look. I couldn’t wait to pull the next color out of my bag just to see how it integrated and played off the others.
I was so into the color changes that I didn’t bother to look at the whole garment. When I finally did I thought to myself “Hmm, that looks awfully large. Maybe it’s just the stripes.” I measured it.
4 inches too big!
How in the world did that happen? I even did a gauge swatch. So – rip, rip, rip.
I didn’t pick it up until last night. I was able to catch up almost to where I left off on Sunday

look at all those ends!

It’s a good thing I recently got all those darning needles! I considered doing it in the round, but I didn’t want to delay seeing the colors take shape. Impatience won over practicality.
Betcha I’ll be cursing that decision in a couple of weeks!

5 thoughts on “Knitting in Circles

  1. Having just finished knitting a striped garment…I can relate to those ends. Ugh! I would seriously consider knitting in the round if it were me. Also, the seaming of the garter stitch cardi was horrible. I was using one color and wound up using the ends to seam it instead. And I love Mission Falls. It is such a nice yarn to knit with. It looks great. :)

  2. I have two projects going on with TONS of ends to weave in! Maybe we should start an End-Along and give each other some weaving-in-spiration!

  3. Ends are the pits and are personally what I hate the most about finishing. Still when you are finally done, you forget all about that chore until you are doing it on your next project!

  4. Those colors are lovely! That’s going to be a great tank. Best of luck with those ends. I usually leave mine to the end and then the thing sits unfinished for many months until I work up the courage to get it done. So I’d suggest doing them every couple of inches or at least as you finish each piece. If only I could take my own advice! ;0)

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