On A Mission

I’ve had the Mission Falls In Living Colour pattern book for about a year now. I keep picking it up and commenting on how much I like the book, but somehow it remains on my bookshelf. Something “newer” keeps taking center stage. Do you find yourself doing that? I have patterns I’ve wanted to knit for a few years now but they always seem to be overridden by the latest and greatest pattern book to hit. Well no more.
Here are the patterns I like the most out of this book:

Maude Tank
Maude Tank

I love the color variety on this one. You could wear it with jeans, with khakis, black pants. Shorts or a skirt. It’s a really versatile tank. And the colors. Aren’t they great summer colors?
Next up, this bright number:

Vera Tank

Dontcha just love the colors? Yes, I’m in a red and orange sorta mood. But they’re cool, right?
And finally, the backpack:

Tejido Backpack

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love backpacks. I use them for everything – purse, knitting bag, laptop bag. And it would be a good trial for colorwork. I’ve played around with swatches of colorwork but I’ve never done a whole project.
The only hesitation I have with these projects is that I’ve heard Mission Falls can tend to bleed. Since these projects use more than one color I’d be concerned that they’d run. Does anyone have experience with the yarn? I’ve also heard some comments about its tendency to pill. The colors are amazing though, so I really don’t want to substitute.
Sorry, no pics today. I gotta get into my groove with the new job and posting to the blog. I’ve got about 5 inches done on the back. I love the red and orange! Pics tomorrow – I promise!
Secret Pal Strikes Again
And finally, I got another package from my Secret Pal. Pics from that tomorrow too. Honest :)

3 thoughts on “On A Mission

  1. Looking forward to seeing the new Tricot! Did you see that LoobyLou is hosting a Tricot-along?? Check out http://loobylou.blogspot.com/.
    Those Mission Falls patterns are fabulous! I almost picked up some of their cotton this weekend. Such great colors! Do tell how it knits up and whether the colors bleed or not. That would be a shame.

  2. I haven’t had any experience with running. I have only knit with solid colors. The only issue I would have with all those stripes–are all of those ends. The ends are killing me on the little Debbie Bliss cardi. Are they knit in the round? I don’t think Mission Falls patterns usually are.

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