A Little Short

smooch040513 Smooch is progressing nicely. I’m almost done with the decreases leading to the waist. I have only 2 more rows to go, but I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. Have you ever fallen asleep while knitting? It’s OK to lie and say yes to make me feel better.
I’m almost through 1 hank of the Cotton Classic. And guess what this means? I won’t have enough to finish! I had to approximate because of the gauge change. I was REALLY off. I think I’ll need 3 more hanks. I forgot to bring the label with me to work today though, so I won’t be able to find out until tomorrow if the LYS has more. If not, I think I might do the front in one dye lot and the back in the other. At least, that’s what I’m thinking now.
I was over reading Amy’s blog and noticed that she’s going to be doing a Smooch too! We’ll both be shortening that plunging V neck though. The way the pattern is written it would be downright obscene for me to wear that in public. I think the split for the neck happens BEFORE the armhole decreases start! So yeah, that’s not happening.
OK, I have to write about this. I take the turnpike to work every day. At a certain point it splits into two sections and at the same time goes from 3 lanes to 5. Why oh why must traffic slow down at this point? People – you’ve got 2 EXTRA LANES to pick from. And you’ve been warned for the previous 2 miles that it’s going to happen. And you take that damned highway 5 times a week like me so really, how does this come as a surprise to you? If you’re so stupid that you can’t remember your daily commuting roads – stay home. Seriously. I’m sick of the 5 mile backup you cause.
And that goes double for the woman in the minivan today with the bobble head dog and heart sachet hanging from her mirror. If you didn’t block your view of the road with random chachka on your dashboard you might have noticed one of the 3 signs telling you to pick your side so you didn’t have to cross 3 lanes of traffic to get into the truck lanes.
I’m in a music rut lately. I haven’t bought any new CDs in about a month. I think the long commute exhausts my music library alot quicker. I go through at least a whole CD on each drive. What’re you all listening to?
My taste is pretty varied – pop, country, blue grass, southern rock, blues. I need something upbeat or angry (refer to Rant above) to keep me sane. So as much as I like Norah she’s been relegated to Sunday morning knitting for now. In the past week I broke out the Puddle of Mudd, Tracy Bonham, and 4 Non Blondes. Yup, 4 Non Blondes. I love Linda Perry’s voice, and it reminds me of a really fun summer between my Junior and Senior years in college…
At the beach every weekend
No debt
Fun car
Nice tan
No responsibilities
Damn, what a waste. Imagine all the knitting I could get done…

8 thoughts on “A Little Short

  1. want a copy of Jet? I love that CD, it’ll get you going. Also just got the best of Sting. I have some new ones coming, Jason just re-joined BMG club. Best of Warren Zevon and the new Eminem. Let me know if you want any copies.

  2. Big fan of Nanci Griffith. And they are Jersey drivers, c’mon! 😉
    Have you considered working off of 2 different dyelots if it comes down to that? I hope they have it though.

  3. i fall asleep knitting all the time. heck, i fall asleep doing just about anything. building our deck? once we had the actual decking started, i climbed up on those two or three boards and took a nap.
    napping is highly underrated.
    i’m listening to my Secret pal Ball of Yarn mix a lot, as well as the Jem cd i just bought and some David Gray and some Rufus Wainwright…
    i hear you on the musical rut, though.

  4. In current rotation for me:
    Jem – “Finally Woken”
    Van Hunt – “Van Hunt”
    The Polyphonic Spree – “The Beginning Stages of…”
    Liz Phair – “Liz Phair”
    There are more, but those are the ones I can think of right now.

  5. Greeting. You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.
    I am from Zealand and , too, and now am writing in English, give true I wrote the following sentence: “Kulwicki was first long that his appropriate garage would also be his year, and that the dover street stiffness would slow him from measuring for the place film.”
    With best wishes 8-), Morrison.

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