Knitting Meetup

I’ve been really looking forward to today. It’s my first Knitting Meetup. I’m going to the one in Middlesex County because it’s close to work. I’ll finally be able to meet Kim and Melissa (who doesn’t have a blog to link to). This group just started to meet a couple of months ago so it’s still small. Six people have RSVPd that they’re attending tonight.
I’m also going to try to hit Knit A Bit in Westfield today. I really miss being able to go to a yarn store during the week. With my long commute though it’s impossible for me to hit the ones close to home – even on their late nights. While I’m sure my bank account is better for it, I miss the occasional fibery distraction in the middle of a workday.
That’s it for today. Short post, I know. I finally got 2 contracts signed at work yesterday so I have some real work to do! I’m pretty excited. They’re both small but at least my accounts are starting to see some activity. Gotta earn those big bucks lol

4 thoughts on “Knitting Meetup

  1. I too enjoy yarn shopping on my lunch hour. Sophie’s and Rosie’s are walkable for me if I don’t mind eating quickly!
    Have fun at the meetup!

  2. I have a lunch knitting group and really enjoy the knitting connection and look forward to it so much. Makes it worth coming to work! ; )

  3. I hope the knitting meetup is fun. I am going to my first tonight too (In Montgomery Cty, MD).
    While I don’t drive, I loved the driving rant!
    I suffered much mocking in college because of my love of 4 non blondes… Did you ever hear the Linda Perry/Grace Slick duet track “Knock Me Out”? I am currently listening to: Tangle Eye’s “Alan Lomax’s Southern Journey Remix”–it isn’t angry, but it is great electronica-esque remixes of old blues recordings. You can hear sample bits on Amazon.

  4. I haven’t been to one of those meetups yet. The places, at least around here, always seems so stinky. I hope you had a great time at yours.

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