Lunchtime Knitting

I did something yesterday I’ve never done before – knit during my lunch hour. I’m so glad I did! Thanks, Evelyn, for giving me the idea a few weeks back.
I zoomed down the road and picked up some lunch to go on the way to the park. I found the perfect tree to sit under. One of those big, old types that have this crook in their trunk that just seems to have been formed to lean into. I sat under there for almost a full hour, with the breeze blowing, joggers running by, and moms and their baby carriages strolling along. It was so peaceful, and a great way to break the duldrums of the day.
Philly Secret Pal
I got my first package from my PhillyKnitter Secret Pal. I got a really pretty black satin gift bag filled with dried rose petals, chocolate covered espresso beans, and a candle.
And yes, Secret Pal, it most certainly made my day even a bit nicer after the long commute! Which, btw, was over 2 hours yesterday. On a positive note though, since traffic was at a standstill for quite a while I pulled out the knitting and it didn’t even bother me! I’m considering leaving a sock in the glove box for just those times. It made the waiting much less stressful.
I’m down 17 pounds! Woohoo! I’m going to post the loss each Friday as a way to keep track of my long term progress. I’m so happy. The jeans that I couldn’t fit into 2 weeks ago are actually a bit loose. And I tried on the smallest pants I own last night and they zipped up! They’re not quite wearable yet, but damn close. Five more pounds should do it.
Happy Friday Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Lunchtime Knitting

  1. 17 pounds, wow! Congratulations, I meant to tell you that you looked really good last Monday!

  2. Way to go on the diet.
    I love to find nice spots at lunch time and escape from the office for some knitting. I’m “supposed” to go and work out during lunch but finding a quiet knitting spot is so much more fun and relaxing.

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