“Mindful” Knitting

If straight stockinette is mindless knitting, then I’m feeling the need for something more challenging. I find myself yearning for intricate cables or frilly lace. Or interesting decreases that make up pretty patterns.
Last week I came across Bergère de France’s site. They have quite a few free patterns on their site! For babies, kids, women, and men. The catch – they’re only in french. Of course that didn’t stop me from perusing their patterns!
I particularly liked this cardigan

i think i’d use a zipper

and this frilly, girly lace up

i-cord threaded thru the edges of the lace!

You know what’s next, right? Translation!
I’ve started with the aran cardi. I found a few french to english knitting terms on the web, but there were quite a few I couldn’t find. So I’ve been translating it via french-english dictionaries and lots of google searches. Since I couldn’t find a really good site as a reference I’ve decided to compile them and post it on my blog. I’m still working on it and it probably won’t be done for a few weeks. But I thought it might be of interest to people – particularly with the Phildar fanatics here on the knitting blogs!

2 thoughts on ““Mindful” Knitting

  1. have fun at your meet-up!!
    Love the sweaters — the second one especially.
    I haven’t tried this site myself, but since it’s knitting specific maybe it’ll be helpful:
    There’s also a book called “Knitting Languages” which has knitting terms from a bunch of languages translated. I think it’s out of print, but if you call around to knitting shops, someone is bound to have a copy. Have fun!

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