MSW was a blast!

Stella, Christy and I had a GREAT time on Saturday. We all remarked that it was larger and busier than any of us had expected.
We got down there around 11 and left around 4:30 or 5. The weather was absolutely perfect. It was in the 70s and a bit breezy at times. A few people were even a bit sunburned by the end of the day.
There were tons of yarn vendors – lots of small companies we wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. One that drew alot of attention was Tess Yarns. Let me tell ya – her yarns are gorgeous! She has a new superwash sock weight that I loved, but I couldn’t find the colorway I wanted. So I’m going to order it over the web. Christy got some yarn from her too. The lines at this stand were probably the longest lines we saw at the Festival. We heard that she’s been coming here for years and everyone always seeks her out. I can understand why.
I also bought the summer IK. I spotted it for sale at a booth and had to pick it up after seeing the sneak peak last week.
None of us went crazy buying yarn. I bought 2 skeins of Regia Cotton Surf in pretty, bright colors for socks. It’s superwash but with a healthy amount of cotton as well. I cast on for a pair yesterday but i’m going to rip and go down a needle size to make a firmer fabric.
Food-wise, it was your typical fair-type food, with the twist that much of it was lamb (which kinda surprised us all). Stella tried the fried twinkie – which was a twinkie dipped in what looked like funnel cake batter and deep fried on a corn dog stick. It looked yummy but I was full of sweet stuff at that point.
Spot the blogger was tough in that crowd! We were able to meet Rachael and Greta. We spotted some other bloggers from afar, but since we didn’t know them very well we didn’t actually say hi. I wasn’t able to track down Kathleen, which I was bummed about. But since she only lives a few hours away we already have another plan in the works to meet (yarn-related, of course!).
And finally, no pics. I forgot my camera. I’m so bad with planning stuff that way. As we were pulling out of my driveway I realized I hadn’t printed directions. Ugh! Luckily I remembered that one before we were on the road. Stella and Christy would not have been happy.
The only thing I would do differently for next year is to make a list of things I’m looking for. There are so many vendors that that it’s hard to keep things straight and not get distracted. On the drive home I thought of a few items I would have liked to have looked for. Nothing big, but I’m sure I could have found something if I had just remembered to look!
Christy saved Stella and I both by reading online that sturdy shoes are recommended. The ground is rather bumpy there and you really need supportive shoes to walk well. I am sure that made all the difference for us walking around for 6 hours. Of course, 6 hours of yarn shopping is like giving a drug addict his fix.
And that’s really how I felt – like I was on a yarn high when I got home. We’re already talking about Stitches East and what we’d do next year. Ya know, our next fix 😉

3 thoughts on “MSW was a blast!

  1. Why, oh why, does Tess resist making her prices known? Beautiful stuff, but irritating practice. Her booth wasn’t the only one, but such a busy draw should post prominent signs or mark the skeins. Oh, well, I did enough damage anyway. 😉

  2. Jody, I am really disappointed we didn’t meet but very excited for our yarn expedition this summer. I got a skein of that cotton sock yarn too. Love it. Which colorway did you want from Tess Yarns? I was glad I had Sunday to go back to her booth. There was no line and I had read her brochure so I knew what I wanted. I am glad you were able to meet up with Greta and Rachael. So cool.

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