New Online Knitting Mag

I haven’t heard much talk about this one yet, so I thought I’d post about it. The magazine is called chiagu. It looks like they’re mixing it up a bit though. On their about page, they explain that the magazine will not be free, and designers will share in the profits – 50 cents per issue sold with your pattern in it. They also mention that they’re looking for more intricate designs.
Which got me to thinking. Remember that Linen Drape pattern I mentioned? Well, it’s pretty intricate and I think pretty cool. I may just work on it on the side and see if they’d be interested in publishing it. Even if it didn’t get accepted I think I’d learn alot by trying to make it a formal pattern. And there’s always been a part of me that thought pattern design would be way cool to get into. Don’t worry – I have no illusions of quitting my day job! But the thought of somehow benefitting (ie, earning more stash money!) by doing something knitting related has always appealed to me.
Where are the pics?
Yeah, I know, no pics all week. I’ve totally dropped the ball on this one. Either I leave my card reader at work, or my camera’s in my bag, or the batteries are drained. So, I hope to be totally in camera-sync tomorrow and I’ll post another pic of Maude. All I have left to do is a bit of the front and then the finishing. Oh yeah, and that steeking. There’s no way I’m getting away with wearing it at its current width. At least after I’m done with this one I’ll know how wide to size the next tank.
Happy Friday Everyone!

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