Rebecca Search

Added Later – I found one! Thank you everyone who emailed me or checked around. Bloggers are the best!
Does anyone have Rebecca 18? I’ve googled for it and checked eBay. I just came across this pattern and I really want it:


It’s the wrappy one on the left. I figure in the time it’ll take for me to knit it up I can be small enough to wear it! Yes, I’ll try any tactic to keep me on this damned diet!
And yeah, I know I can probably figure out how to make it on my own, but a pattern is so much easier. I’m willing to pay for it or swap it for something from my stash.

2 thoughts on “Rebecca Search

  1. I’ve been looking for that one as well, for exactly the same pattern! I’m torn between wanting to do it in a nice basic black, or a funky lime green. Maybe someone out there has 2 copies … :)

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