Summer Knitting Marathon

Ever since I read Kristine’s post about fall knitting I’ve been feeling frenzied to clear out all my summery projects so I can be ready for the fall. The truth is, I enjoy cool weather projects alot more anyway.
So, I’m motoring thru cheesylove. See…


I’m at the start of the bust increases. I could definitely see finishing this project in a week or a bit more. But (there’s always a but, right?). Memorial Day Weekend is coming up and we’ve slated it as a house weekend. Meaning, while you all are out at the beach, or enjoying a picnic, or sunning by the pool, we’ll be on ladders and digging in dirt making the house a little bit more presenatable.
Of course, this scenario does have a silver lining, which is getting a bit closer to being able to list and sell the house!
Ribbing Problem
I’m decided to rip my PK Secret Pal gift. It has some 4×2 ribbing and the last knit is loose. I’ve never had this problem before! I tried wrapping the yarn in the opposite direction and then untwisting it as I knit. It did help, but it’s still not perfect. I know others have had this problem before, but since I never have til this project, I never paid attention to the fixes. I’ll take any and all advice. This is a gift – for a fellow knitter – so there’s no way it’s not going to be right.

3 thoughts on “Summer Knitting Marathon

  1. while you’re doing the house work, i’ll be locked away in my house doing my final project and paper for school.
    i’ve been invited to a couple of barbeques, but i don’t think i’ll have the time to spare….
    and with that, i’m back at the school work (on the sly here at work).

  2. I don’t even want to think about fall knitting yet…. I still have so many summer projects waiting for me. But yes, if you don’t knit that fall cardigan in the middle of the summer you won’t wear it until next spring or fall…..
    Enjoy the house fixing up – yeah right…

  3. We’re doing a lot of house projects as well. I’ve been slaving out in the yard for the past few days. Ugh.
    As for the loose stitch, I have a lot of trouble with this issue. The simplest fix to try is to pull the yarn a little tighter on the 2-3 stitches after the loose knit stitch. If that doesn’t work, try knitting into the back of the loose knit stitch and then on the reverse side, wrap the yarn clockwise around the needle.
    Hope that helps!

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