The Verdict

Wow – 17 Comments! Who knew I had so many readers? *blushes*
I enjoyed reading all the comments and the reasoning. I also showed it to a few coworkers and got their opinions as well. So, with their votes the tally is:
#1 – 5
#2 – 10
#3 – 3
I think poor #3 didn’t do as well because of my poor swatching job. However, I’m going with the majority (and the way I was leaning) and doing the second swatch – the chevron-looking one.
I thought about Christy’s idea about having the bottom half not be open. I think I’m going to do the first few inches flat – so it can have a bit of an opening there – and then do it in the round after that. I may still lace it up from the bottom. I’m not sure. But this way I have the option and I don’t have to worry about dealing with keeping it all together while I’m wearing it.
I’m so glad I took my time with the Linen Drape and waited until the right project hit me! The swatches feel wonderful and I’m really looking forward to wearing this top!
Again, a big thank you to everyone who gave me their opinion.
GRRRRR!!!!!! I lost a whopping half pound this week. And I have no way of explaining it. I didn’t cheat. At all. Not at the Stitch n Bitch with that yummy looking pizza. Not at my brother’s party with the salsa and sangria. Not at the coffee house with those yummy biscotti. I’ve been totally on plan this week so I just don’t get it. I’m not discouraged, but I sure am annoyed. If the weather is nice tomorrow I’m going to go for a bike ride to try and kick start my metabolism. That, plus the weekend of physical work on the house will hopefully get me back on track.
For those of you in the States, enjoy the 3 day weekend. And remember to put those flags out!

5 thoughts on “The Verdict

  1. Doesn’t that suck when you are following the diet and all you lose is 1/2 a pound. When I was doing weight watchers a few years ago, I wanted to slap the lady everytime I got on the scale and she told me that. Especially if I passed up some great food!

  2. Some weeks are worse than others due to water weight, etc. Don’t be discouraged, keep on going, you’re doing fabulous.
    Oh, and those biscotti’s suck anyway.

  3. I like swatch #2 the best, too – now that it’s too late to vote and you’ve already picked it out. But I’m in with the majority anyways. :-)) Don’t work too hard this long weekend. And… 1/2 pound gone is better than nothing or going the other direction. I’m trying hard and keep going in the wrong direction. I’d love 1/2 pound gone right about now. :-))

  4. You’ll probably lose more than you expect next week. That whole water weight thing does effect the numbers. Yea, I am glad you went with #2.

  5. Heya, I am a fellow GA knitter and I am trying to get a question answer thought maybe you could help me!
    I am working on a Sirdar boys sweater.
    Question 1:
    It has a 2X2 rib which is 2 rows to the pattern. After it sets the rib pattern it says;
    work 7 more rows more in the 2×2 rib.
    So i take that “more” to mean on top of the 2 I just did to learn the pattern. So when it says 7 ROWS more, that means the pattern or “2×2 rib” 3 1/2 more times?
    So I would do
    Rib (2 rows) – setting the pattern
    Rib (2 rows)
    Rib (2 rows)
    Rib (2 rows)
    Rib (1 row of the rib) – for a total of 9 rows
    Question 2:
    Next after that it says – NEXT ROW. Rib to end dec (decrease) 3 sts evenly across row. 71sts. Change to 4mm needles and procedd as follows (then it sets a 14 row pattern).
    What in the world do I do? It says 71 sts, what does that mean? I started out with 74, so that must mean now I will have 71 sts left if I decrease by 3? Right? okay i think i get that one little part.
    So to be clear here is pattern:
    Using 3 1/4mm needles and the thumb method cast on 74 sts.
    1st Row: *K2, p2, rep from * to last 2 stst, k2
    2nd Row: P2, *k2, p2, rep from the * to end.
    These 2 rows will now be referred to as 2×2 rib.
    Work 7 rows more in 2×2 rib.
    Next row. Rib to end dec 3 sts evenly across row. 71 sts.
    So maybe the reason it doesnt have you finish the “rib” is because the second half of the last rib, or last row in the rib your going to decrease in it. How does one decrease evenly across a row? on the ends? Split up in the center?
    brandy @

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