Weekend Knitting

I had another fabulous weekend. Saturday was the PhillyKnitters monthly Stitch n Bitch. We all got together and knitted at Megan’s – what a beautiful house!. I was there for more than 6 hours.
Beforehand Evelyn and I stopped at Rosie’s. It was her first time there and she really liked it. Luckily there was no class going on this Saturday so you could actually walk around the store. I picked up some yarn and a pattern for my PhillyKnitter Secret Pal finale gift. Our last gift has to be something we’ve knit. I think I picked a good one because it’s something I don’t think my pal would make for herself, but something that she’d appreciate and enjoy. I even cast on for it Sunday. It kills me not to post pics but you all are gonna have to wait until August when I give the gift!
I also started another project last week. A modified cheesylove. I’ve changed the yarn to be Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece – which I absolutely love. This will definitely not be my last Cotton Fleece sweater. I’m also changing the top part to be a raglan with a straight or very shallow V across the front, and short or 3/4 length sleeves. This project is really flying. I’m thru the bodice decreases and just have a few more rows before the increases start. I decided to make this pattern because I thought the rib would shrink with me as I lose weight.
Commute Music
I broke out my Lilith Fair Volume 1 CD today. I haven’t listened to it in a while and it really made the commute go quickly. My favorite song – Mississippi by Paula Cole. I love the lows and highs she goes thru with that song, and even the snarling/growling she starts out with. I laugh when I hear that part because they have a pic of her at the concert inside the CD cover and there she is in a girly black and white flower print sundress with pigtails. And the lyrics are great. Here are a few lines:
Who would love my many selves
The wife, the bitch, the rapunzel?
and in the chorus…
I have a piece of my heart….on the sole of your shoe
I’ve got a little bit of thunder…trapped inside of a cloud
That dog in you spit me out into the Mississippi
OK, not the most uplifting of lyrics, but she does an awesome job with them. And the music is great too.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Knitting

  1. So much fun to do the Stitch and Bitch thing..wow 6 hrs! Love how your thinking about your losing your weight and a sweater that will go with it. ; )

  2. I love the brown sheep cotton fleece. It does knit up like a dream!
    I was just lamenting the other day how much I miss Lilith Fair. It was a summer tradition for me for a few years. I’m glad I have the cd’s to remind me what a good time that was!
    Can’t wait to see your current project pics!

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