Call of Koigu

I picked up a few hanks of Koigu a couple weeks back and I just wasn’t able to stop myself from casting on with it yesterday. I started another pair of socks on 2 circs. Very basic – 1 inch of ribbing and then straight stockingnette. I chose a short row heel. Here’s where I am:
I got very lucky in how well the heel color matches the pink in the variegated. I picked that up on Thursday at Pins and Needles in Princeton. They have a great selection of Koigu and Kersti. Can you believe that’s the only yarn I bought there that day?

5 thoughts on “Call of Koigu

  1. mmmmmmmmm knitting on the beach at sunset with a slight breeze and warm air. mmmmmmmmmmm…..
    i am going to the Bahamas in August, I am packin my knitting!

  2. Kevin and I looked in Hoboken when we were first married. It is a fun city. I hope you find the right town. Being a NYer, we grew up with an attitude against Jersey but Kevin has shown me a whole different side.

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