Cheesy Tank

I redid the front of Cheesylove this weekend. Technically, I redid it twice before I got it right. It’s about 3 inches shorter from the armhole to the top than it was last week.

cheesyFrontDone  cheesyLoveFIDone

I’m much happier with the way this looks now. The problem was actually how quickly the neckline decreased. I was doing a decrease every RS row. But, in order to be happy with its shape I ended up decreasing EVERY row. If my calculations are right this will allow it to just skim the edges of my bra straps – exactly where I want it to hit.
cheesyVCloseupI like the way the V opens up on the neck too. I was afraid it would look like it was being stretched open but I don’t think that’s the case. I slipped the edge stitches on the neckline every WS row and I think that helped. The edges curve under and make a nice edge without the need for ribbing.
I still can’t say enough about the Cotton Fleece. This yarn is a dream to work with. The label says it shouldn’t be machine dried but I think next time I’ll wash and dry a swatch to see how much shrinkage I get. This way I could add some length to the sweater. I think this would work OK. It has 20% wool so I’m slightly concerned the wool would do weird things when machine washed and dried. But I guess I’ll find out when I swatch.
Last week, Eklectika suggested that Cheesylove would make a nice tank. And I agree. I’ve been tempted a few times to make this into a tank but I’m going to stick with the original plan. However, I can definitely see another version of this sweater made up as a tank in the future.
BTW, if you didn’t follow the link to Eklectika’s site please go do it now. She’s been dealing with this nasty dye lot curse for a few months and needs some TLC. Go give her a big hug and send her happy knitting thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Cheesy Tank

  1. *blush* thanks! — and BEGONE evil dye lot gremlins!!!
    At least now I know I’ll only need 2 of the Saharas skeins if I dare to make another Giotto tank so that mismatching one won’t matter, LOL…

  2. It does make a great tank pattern. I was almost tempted when I made mine too, but in February I needed sleeves! I’d love to make a tank using this pattern though.

  3. I love this! I’m so jealous you thought of this first – and now I’m very inspired. :) Nice work. Sorry to hear about retiring Maude, though, as she was a lovely dear.

  4. Your Cheesylove looks great so far! I really like the color combination. I’m hoping it’ll work out to be a nice tank. Mine’s only halfway finished – spinning for it has seriously slowed things down.

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