Karma Cleansing

Ever have one of those weeks where you feel like you’ve made no knitting progress? I’m having one of those.
I started that cabled pullover this weekend – twice. Once with Araucania Nature Wool. I love the yarn, but it just wasn’t giving me the look I had envisioned. Then I bought Lion Brand Wool Ease. And like the way it feels, and the color is perfect. But every time I pick it up I get concerned about its durability. After reading the responses to my post about this, and doing some online searching, it seems that the quality isn’t predictable. Some people have had great success, and others say it pills almost immediately. I abused my swatch a little and it did show some wear. It wasn’t horrible, but you could tell where I was rubbing it. So I’m not going to use the Wool Ease. At least, not for this sweater.
The the fair isle. You all know that saga. I’m glad I figured it out when I did, but still, I’m back at ground zero on that project too.
My knitting karma has been so off this week that I found myself considering a sewing project this weekend. I found these great bags thru a link on Leigh’s blog.
I like alot of them, but my favorite has to be the Ultimate Arts & Crafts Tote:

Amy Butler Ultimate Arts and Crafts Tote

Plenty of room for multiple projects. Little side pockets for scissors, cable needles, or row counters. And a velcro front pouch to hold needles. I don’t use many straights but I can envision using it with circs too. I may have to clear off the dining room table this weekend and make one! Lucky for me the local quilt shop carries her patterns and fabrics.
It might be just the thing I need to reenergize my knitting!

5 thoughts on “Karma Cleansing

  1. I’ve made almost all her patterns, some are alittle weird to make. Just to make you aware! On her website she has corrections not sure if this bag has any or not. Does that store carry her fabrics?

  2. That’s a neat bag. I think I’m going on a sewing bender this weekend, too – if I get any chance. I’ve got so many quilts to finish and I really want to make Erika’s little sun dress. Enjoy the sewing………. it should give you a nice diversion from you knitting troubles.

  3. I would recommend against Wool-Ease as well. Knits up nice, but pilled something awful for me as well. (I’ve made a couple hats with it.) Hope you can find what you’re looking for!
    I’ve had the kind of week, too, where I feel like I haven’t made any knitting progress. But I think, in my case, it’s because I haven’t been knitting this week. Oops.

  4. I saw the link to Amy Butler’s work on Leigh’s site yesterday, and spent WAY too much time this morning cruising on-line quilting sites looking for the “perfect” fabric! I’m thinking about giving the nappy bag a shot. I’ve got preggo friends popping out all over the place (both literally and figuratively!), and a girl just can’t ever have enough bags. Have fun with your new project!

  5. I want to make the bags, too. I really like the one on Leigh’s site. Looks a little easier! I’m a sewing dummy. I’m going to the LQS to see if they have her stuff…if not I’ll use her links to get the patterns.

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