No Willpower

This was a weekend for dismissing all self-control. It all started when I got my Secret Pal bag Thursday night. I just love sock yarn. How can you not? It’s probably the most fun you can have with yarn for adults. There really aren’t any barriers for socks.
I emailed Mary to ask her what the yummy red hand dyed yarn was, and she told me it was from the eBay seller Over The Rainbow. The yarn was beautiful and soft and I couldn’t help myself.
Indiscretion #1
eBay purchase 1 – I’m thinking about a lightweight scarf. Maybe some simple cables?
eBay purchase 2 – Socks or a scarf. Not sure yet.
eBay purchase 2 – The wool for socks, the mohair for some fun, more airy scarves.
By 11am on Friday I was riding the fiber high (you know that feeling, right?) and couldn’t wait to get my weekend started. Luckily I had a client meeting that was on my way home so I got home early (which constitutes 5:15 for me. I long for the days when I could leave work at 4 and be home by 4:30).
I fondled my new sock yarn again and debated what to start. I played with the 2 circs to get the hang of it. Easy! I really like Cat’s suggestion to swap the last stitch and the first stitch. Why haven’t I been doing this? I feel like this is such a simple concept and I must have been living under a rock to have not come across this before.
By early Friday evening I was coming down from my high and crashed rather early. No real knitting to speak of.
Saturday, I went up to The Wooly Lamb in Pennington and picked up some more needles. I now own a pair of US#2 Addi Turbo. I also got Addi Natura for the Linen Drape.
Indiscretion #2
As soon as I got home I cast on for another sock. This time I used my Regia Cotton that I picked up at MDSW. It’s very nice yarn – has a great sproingy quality. Armed with my newly learned 2 circ method I cast on and knit away.


I’m doing the Peak Experience sock from Fiber Trends. Of course, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. The pattern uses a k2tog to make the dips in the pattern. But I hate k2tog. I hate it even more on US#1s. So I changed it to a SSK, put loop back on left needle, pass next stitch over the loop, pass the k2tog loop back onto the right needle (i have no idea if there’s an abbreviation for that). Basically it’s the opposite of sl1, k2tog, psso. It makes the same dip, but with the left hand loop on top of the right hand loop. And it goes infinitely faster.
Indiscretion #3
The diet went out the window this weekend. I had pasta, rice, and bread. I had Italian and Chinese. I had grits. And horror of all horrors – I even had a McDonald’s hashbrown. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
What do I have to say for myself? Nothing. I had a fun weekend, and I’m back on the wagon again this morning. As Rachael said in my comments last week – sometimes cheating is just what the soul ordered. And it was :)

7 thoughts on “No Willpower

  1. Gee! reading your post I was starting to get a fiber high!
    Not a good diet weekend for me also…the weather was a bit depressing :(

  2. Nice eBay haul! I have admired her yarn for quite some time but have resisted…and will continue to do so. McD’s hashbrown sounds so yummy. :)

  3. Oh I LOVE Maryann’s yarns at Over the Rainbow! I have some denim blue and some wine/purply sock yarn stashed – the blue for socks or a shawl or a kids sweater and the purple’s for ME for a sweater!
    I’m actually thinking that her sock yarns might not be too bad for trying a Charlotte’s Web shawl since the texture is very similar to Koigu (at least to me!)…
    And as for cheating…eh, ya gotta have a splurge every now and then! :-)

  4. Your sock looks great! They certainly are addicting!
    You are going to have SO much fun with all your new eBay stuff! The “Over the Rainbow” yarns are gorgeous indeed. Enjoy!

  5. You know……….. we all need weekends like that once in a while. They are good for the soul, the mind and the spirit. Now, enjoy all your lovely new yarn.

  6. GRITS! What’s a Jersey girl like you doing eating grits? I mean hell, if you’re going to cheat, cheat. But why Grits for god’s sake? :)
    BTW, the only way to properly eat grits is with garlic and cheese, topped with either shrimp or catfish. (Low Country Catfish) YUMMMM!!!

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