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I’ve decided to retire Maude. I’m now at a point in my weightloss where there’s no way of salvaging Maude. While I hate to see the yarn be wasted like that, I’m not very upset. Being too small for something is just fine by me!
Teaching Knitting
A friend is opening a knitting store in August and she’s asked me to teach some classes (yes, plural). She said she thinks I have a good grasp of techniques and she’d like them to be technique-focused. I have no idea what to teach! Some ideas that I’ve mulled around:

  • Socks
  • Combined or Continental Knitting
  • Top Down Sweater
  • Something cable-y

I really have no idea though, so I’m taking any and all suggestions.
For those of you who either have taught or work at a yarn store, what amount should I ask to be paid?
Knitting Meetup
It’s tonight! I’m meeting Kim for dinner beforehand as well. I have a big document to get out by noon today, and I’ve been thinking the dinner and meetup is my reward!
I had dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s last night. I’m not usually a huge fan of chains, but this one is different. Their entire menu lists the fat, calorie, net carb, and fiber content for EVERY entree! I was able to confidently order things off the menu and know I was keeping on plan. For those of you doing Atkins, there had to be 40 different things to choose from – entrees, wraps, salads, and sides. I ordered a seasoned Tilapia topped with shrimp and a cream sauce. For sides I got steamed broccoli and mashed cauliflower. And for dessert I had their 1 carb cheesecake. VERY GOOD! What I love the most is the fact that they let you choose what you want because their entire menu lists the nutritional info. Very liberating to be able to look at a whole menu and make choices without being afraid of hidden carbs. And if you’re counting fat grams instead of carbs, the menu is for you too. That’s the best part. Friday’s does low carb. Applebee’s does Weight Watchers. But Ruby Tuesday’s is giving you the choice. I’ll definitely be back.

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  1. Hey Jody-
    I signed up for a sock class at the new store in Mt. Holly so don’t teach socks! I would love to learn how to knit a sweater from top down. I have no idea what you should charge. Most classes I have taken are about $ 40 – 50 plus supplies (which the store that is offering the class has plenty of).
    Your meal sounded yummy and very satisfying. I will have to keep Ruby Tuesday’s in mind. I started Atkins yesterday. I was “jonesing” for something sweet after dinner. I am going to have to make a few “legal” desserts to satisfy that craving.
    Glad to hear about Maude – What do you think you will do with that yarn? I’ll be interested to see.

  2. Okay well I dont know if you will be teaching any beggning or advanced begginer lessons but I tell ya this.
    Most of the ladies I noticed didn’t get much done in class and I personally never wanted to get much done. I like knitting at home on my bed with my GLASSES so I can see well and proper light.
    In class I would talk to the teacher about yarns for a new project, work on a project and have her help me in the pattern where I was stuck. She would teach us a new technique. Not everyone knew the same stuff so when she would teach new stuff (cast off, increase, decrease) about half of us would go learn the other half worked on their own projects then when she was done with us she would go help those people with there issues on there personal projects and we would practice.
    I liked not having to work on anything, but I also would have liked if we had a SMALL project (like 2 needle socks or a pillow cover with cables or fair isle) or something small we could work on each class and have to show at the end. Then it would be nice each class she could have us m ove another step on the class item as well as work on our personal things. Our class was 2 hours long and it was $60 per person and there was like 7 of us I think in the class.
    So while I loved the freedom in the class and the non-pressure deal I do with I had a SMALL project to show for it!
    Our teacher is going to do a 2 class sock deal (2 needle socks) in July that I may take but I see no reason why we couldn’t have added that to the original 4 week long class we took.
    Knitting in the round is not hard, and nor are socks. If you can knit and purl you can do those other things. It’s just UNCOMFORTABLE at first (but not more then learning to cast on was the first time.. took me a freakin house!).
    Hope that helped :)

  3. You must feel good to be approached to teach! I would love that.
    My advice – teach what interests YOU. Your enthusiam with the subject will be the most important in my opinion.
    I hate when I take a course and the teacher is ‘just’ going through the motions.
    Also, you have been asked to teach classes – so you can offer a variety of techniques to learn.
    Good for you!

  4. The classes would depend on the level of experience of the knitter. Some may not even know how to cast on.
    Sorry to hear about Maude. Could you turn it into a pocketbook? More steeking and cutting? Line it and make some handles?

  5. I’ve been asked to consider doing some workshops at a new local knitting store, too but I have never followed up with it. I just wasn’t sure about myself but I really do want to do it.
    Socks are a good one but I think the idea of a top-down would be great. I think if you could make use of something that would help someone fit a top down to an individual’s size rather than a standard pattern (there are calculators and articles out there on the net) that would probably be popular.
    Yeah for restaurants that help with menu choices. I find it so tough to make good choices at restaurants so having the nutritional info laid out is awesome. You inspire me by sticking to it – even if we’re following different weight loss plans. And yes, I don’t mind growing out of a knitted item either if it’s for the sake of weight loss.

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