Winter Knitting

This is the first summer I’ve really tried my hand at knitting garments for warmer weather. I love the concept — to be able to wear things you make year-round.
What I don’t like, however, is what it feels like when knitting most warmer weather yarns. I know this is no great discovery. Many other bloggers have written about this before.
I’m considering abandoning summer knitting. My Linen Drape project gets special dispensation because I know how much I’m going to love it when I’m done. And Cheesylove doesn’t count — it gets off on the technicality of being 20% wool.
I will continue to use Cotton Fleece. I think it’s a great yarn and makes very indoor-friendly garments that can transition the seasons. That 20% wool does amazing things for the yarn!
Yarn Question
Once I admitted my love for winter knitting I decided to start a heavy weight sweater that could work as an outer garment. I picked up some yarn on Saturday — Araucania Nature Wool — in a pretty navy blue. I worked about 4 inches on it but I just don’t like the look of it. I think the pattern needs a tweedy look to it. Since I discovered this on Sunday I ran to Michael’s and AC Moore to see if they might have something. I found the exact look I wanted in a medium gray heather in Lion Brand Wool Ease. I bought some and played around with it Sunday afternoon.
Here’s my question. Does the yarn pill much? I’d like to use this sweater as my default cozy cushy pullover when I’m going out. I tend to wear polar fleece pullovers alot more than actual coats in the winter. But that means it will get alot of wear. The reason I ask is that I’ve found a few pills attached to the yarn as it comes out of the skein. But I’m not sure if they’re just randoms tufts that attached themselves, or if it’s tellilng me the yarn pills alot. The yarn is very soft and fluffy and I love how cheap it is! I’ve found that Lion Brand tends to be a very good value, but is this one of those situations where you get what you pay for?

5 thoughts on “Winter Knitting

  1. I’ve made two sweaters out of Wool-Ease (one bulky, one regular). I haven’t had too much problems with pilling. I’ve even thrown them in the washer and dryer and had them come out ok.

  2. I find that some colors of the wool ease pill more than others. I had a lavender skein that pilled like mad, but the others have been okay so far. I’d probably make up a swatch of your chosen color and abuse it for a while to see if it tends to pill!

  3. Oh well about the Nature Wool – I’m sure you’ll find something else for it (it’s SUCH cool yarn…)
    Oh yeah…pssst…I’m hosting a Gerbera-along this Fall if ya want in… :-)

  4. Wow – you’re quick! So, I blame you for making me add the list to my blog already instead of getting back to work, ha ha ha… 😉

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