I really had a great week, although you’d never know it from my blog!
Yesterday’s presentation for work was fun. I’m out of practice though and I wasn’t my best. I talked to fast. And I was thinking the whole time “slow down!” but still I was talking a mile a minute. I still said what needed to be said and I think we impressed them as a group. But you know what the best part of the meeting was? My suit! I can’t believe the difference a few pounds can make (or at least make you feel). And my hair and makeup came out perfectly yesterday, which really helps with the confidence when I’m speaking in front of a group.
Dieting has been very weird this week. Remember my post about hitting the 20 mark on Monday? Well, on Tuesday I somehow gained 4.5 pounds!!!! Atkins can be odd like that. I never cheated though, so my guess is I ate something I thought was low carb but wasn’t. I’ve lost most of it in the past few days though, so I’m back to 19. I’m very happy with myself though because I didn’t let the gain throw me off track.
My next mini-goal for dieting is to lose another 10 in time for our Cape May weekend. If I do that I will hit a weight that I haven’t been since 1996. Wow.
Knitting? I’ve really not done much this week. I seem to be in a knitting pergatory. I did however, get a delivery from Scotland this week. So I think once I muster up the courage to start I should have a fun (and slightly intimidating) project on my needles!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

5 thoughts on “Friday…Ahhhhhh!

  1. if i weigh myself before I pee I weight a pound more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hehehe.. so only weigh yourself after you have.. ehemm.. done everything you need to do.. ehem..

  2. Don’t forget that the period in the mounth influences your weight. PMS often means your body keeps much water, so that you weigh more.
    Anyway, I admire you for your constance!
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Glad to hear you didn’t let the gain bring you down. :) You are still an inspiration to me. My heavy shorts didn’t fit today. ::sigh::
    Whatdya get from Scotland?

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