Hooray For Knitting

I’ve *finally* found a little project to keep me happy. Aptly named Hooray For Me Gloves. They’re Marnie MacLean’s pattern for fingerless gloves.
I’m in love with this little project! I’m using the same yarn she suggests – Regia Multi Effekt. What fun! The color changes keep me wanting to knit more. I’m also doing this one on 2 circs. I seriously think I’ll be donating my DPNs to some knitting friends. I just don’t think I’ll go back to using them!
Sorry, no pic today though. I had planned on posting one but I ran really late this morning – snoozed for over an hour before finally dragging my butt out of bed. Why? Because I stayed up too late knitting my gloves.
This week I tired something new – Audio Books. Can I tell you what a difference this has made in my commute — my demeanor, my stress level, my…ahem…road rage. The first book finished yesterday morning — Nicholas Sparks’ The Guardian. On the commute home I started book 2 — Hilary Rodham Clinton’s Living History. I’m glad I chose The Guardian first, because I’m enjoying the non-fiction as much. I don’t lose myself in the story. It’s better than scanning the radio or choosing to listen to the same 15 CDs every day though. I also think I expected to enjoy the content more than I am. I’ve always liked Hilary, but the book is feeling a bit more like “an explanation” and a “setting the record straight” than an accounting of her life leading up to being elected senator. I’ll listen to the whole book but I may need to seek out more fiction in the future.
And I’m Off!
I have off both Friday and Monday! I’ve been counting down to these days for weeks now. Starting a new job and only having 2 weeks of vacation to take has made days off a rarity. I’m also going to take an extended blogging break. I’ll be back on Tuesday.
To all of you in the States — Have a wonderful July 4th weekend! I’ll see you all on Tuesday.

7 thoughts on “Hooray For Knitting

  1. I’m so excited that you are using my glove pattern. I hope you’ll let me know if you have any problems with the pattern. I’ll be checking back in hopes of seeing pictures HOORAY!

  2. Audio books are the best. Who knew?! I listened to them when my daughter is in ballet class and it makes two hours go by so fast. Only thing…people did look at me strange when I laughed out loud. Like I care.

  3. Yeah. I just got on the audio books kick. I initially got them to listen to while I knit but I find I enjoy them much more on my commute. I have only finished two so far so we’ll see how it goes. Have fun on your long weeend! I am heading to NYC for mine!

  4. I love audio books. I always rent one before a long roadtrip, and it makes my time sweet and worthwhile. One thing: I only get unabridged audio books. I dislike the idea of abridging a book; I feel that if a book is good, you should be willing to spend time with every part that the author intended. I’ve listened to one abridgement, an audio book of a novel I love very much, and got so frustrated with all the good stuff they were skipping over in the abridgement I eventually turned it off.
    That is an awesome glove pattern, by the way.

  5. I use to do the audio book thing and it was great – except when I got to work, I didn’t want to get out of the car!!!
    Have a great 4th. I just found your blog.

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