1 Repeat Down…

Lots and lots more to go!
I finished one whole repeat on St Brigid. I’m still in love with the Silky Wool.

dark grey yarn + grey day = poor pic

That’s the best pic I was able to get. The yarn and overcast skies is making for bad blog imagery.
Thanks for all your suggestions last week about the wonky single knit stitches. I’ve been pulling the purls REALLY REALLY tightly and it has been helping. It’s not perfect but it’s much improved. I’ll post a pic when I can get a decent one of the stitches.
Starmore Row Gauge?
I’ve heard comments about it being really difficult to attain Starmore’s row gauge. Does anyone know what a full repeat should measure? My row gauge is tighter than it should be. So even though I’m short I will be doing all 8 repeats. No shortcuts on this sweater!
Funny thing is, I thought people typically got fewer rows per inch than her gauge.

4 thoughts on “1 Repeat Down…

  1. St. Brigid looks amazing. I can’t wait to get into mine…for real! My mom says always adds extra rows to her Starmore Fair Isles. I know a couple of people on the Yahoo group were resizing their sweaters.

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