All Hoodie All The Time


The Cascade 220 couldn’t be nicer to work with! Believe it or not I had to force myself to knit on St. Brigid for a while this weekend. There’s just something about this yarn and pattern that I love working on.
I could also be the fact that St. Brigid is shaping up to be a year long project and the hoodie — well, I’d love to wear it in October!
Yeah, yeah, I can hear the laughter all the way over here.
We did very little work outside this weekend. It was SOOOO humid out. We worked on and off until about 3 when we finally admitted defeat. We hadn’t gotten much done in between the soda and AC breaks. Next weekend is shaping up to be cooler and less humid, so we’ll be trying to make up for it then. I guess they don’t call it Labor Day Weekend for nothing.

6 thoughts on “All Hoodie All The Time

  1. The cables look wonderful. I love the way the ribbing introduces the cables. Beautiful work.
    And I’m not laughing at your October goal. I’ll bet you are starting in on the sleeves by our gathering at your house in a few weeks.

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