Cape May Yarn Shop

Fiber Arts Yarn Studio & Yarn Shop
315 Ocean St (in the Washington Commons)
Located in the shopping center that’s at the north end of Washington Mall, the new location of this store is very accessible to tourists. And bonus – since it’s in the historic district it’s walkable from most Cape May destinations. So if you want to stop in but those in your party would prefer to pass there’s plenty of other stores, restaurants, and bars to keep them busy.
For a store in a touristy neighborhood it’s quite large. Lighting is really good because they’re on an end unit and have windows on 2 sides of the store.
I was pleasantly surprised with the yarn selection they had — Dale, Brown Sheep, Berocco, a small amount of Mountain Mohair, a variety of sock yarns by Regia and others, Plymouth, Woolpak, Wendy, Patons and Encore. I know I’ve missed some. They did carry a decent amount of novelty yarns but since that’s not my thing I couldn’t tell you what they had. Their prices were average retail.
The woman who worked there was definitely a knitter (possibly the owner) and was friendly but also knew when to leave me alone. I asked her if the place was busy and she said that it was very busy most of the day except around the 7 o’clock hour. Their hours are great — 7 days a week and open til 9 most if not all nights.
They had a large pattern selection (both books and leaflets) and a nice sized table to sit at and look through the books. Needle selection was somewhat low, but that seems to be the case everywhere lately.
Because of the location I expected the store to be trendier and focus on large gauge and novelty yarns. While they did carry those, the store felt like a LYS you’d find in any suburban area. While there was nothing special or unusual about the store, it had a solid offering of yarns and materials and I’m sure I’d stop in whenever I stay in Cape May.