Great Weekend!

I had such a good weekend!
Sunday was the PhillyKnitter secret pal reveal and it was alot of fun. We piled the gifts on a table in the middle of the yard and as each pal’s name was called she walked up, took her gift from the table, and presented it to her pal. Then her pal sat in the chair of honor and unwraped the gift for all to see.
There were some really creative and well-made gifts — shawls, scarves, bags, and sachets. It was nice to see so much happiness and thoughtfulness together like that.
I was finally able to tell Stella that she was my secret pal (although I still suspect she knew before that!). In my last package to her I gave Knitting Tips & Trade Secrets, a canister of Blackberry Sage Tea (great for iced tea), and a knitted scarf.


It’s a baby alpaca scarf made from a free pattern from Heartstrings. I like this pattern alot! It makes a very nice non-roll edge by doing a YO k2togtbl (or p2tog) at the beginning of each row. The edge has a long chain along the side.
For fringe I initially thought I’d do a beaded fringe, but once I finished the scarf that didn’t seem right. Instead I opted for a simple knotted fringe. I’ve been wanting to do that kind of fringe for a while and this finally seemed like the right project for it.
I was joking at the SnB yesterday that had I not been on a deadline for this scarf I never would have finished it so quickly. But the thought of showing up with an IOU was too awful so I even finished a few days early!

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  1. blast it all! Another project I want to do.. I am all in winter scarf mode now that summer is near an end (i like to think its near an end.. lol)

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