It’s Wednesday and…

  1. I’m not going to be blogging about St. Brigid today (this is really for your benefit).
  2. I have plans to meet with Kim today AND I remembered to bring my knitting (bonus!)
  3. I have a new project to show you.

I cast on for the Phildar cabled hoodie about a week ago. I’ve been knitting on it here and there.

the color is not accurate.
damn those overcast skies!

I like the cable pattern. After it sets up it’s rather easy to knit without even referencing the chart. That is, once you learn the pattern. I did have to rip down in a few places and change some stitches around a couple times because I thought I had it memorized when I didn’t.
I wasn’t sure about doing two cabled sweaters at once but the yarns, gauges, and even the cables themselves are different enough that they feel like two distinctly different projects. And given that St. Brigid will probably take me 6+ months to complete that’s a good thing.

4 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday and…

  1. Looking very good! And you’re right, the cable pattern becomes so mindless after awhile, I never look at the chart. Totally easy pattern to get into. What color is it actually? It’s looking pretty close to my camel in the photo.

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