New Yarn

Sock Yarn!
I think shopping for sock yarn is my favorite yarn buying activity. There’s virtually no yarn that you can’t use. And the colors are amazing.
Leigh mentioned how much she loved her sock yarn from Spirit Trail Yarns earlier in the week. I stopped by and found gorgeous colors!
I’ve been looking for something a little bit special or unique to buy for a few knitters who have been very kind to me in the past year. I didn’t want to just send something like a Regia (or even a Koigu). Although they’re both great yarns, I was hoping to find something that they wouldn’t have easily found themselves. I hope this is it.
Donegal Cones
Now that I’ve determined the Donegal yarns are not suitable for St Brigid I’ve been wondering what I might do with them. Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with so far:

joy  salina

On the left is Joy and on the right is Salina, both from the Rowan Vintage Style book.
I also can’t seem to get this design out of my head:

It’s Ava from Rowan 34. I originally bought this issue for Elfin, but Ava seems much better suited for me. The shaping is pretty, and I love the lace up front! I can see wearing this casually with jeans, or dressed up with a long skirt for a client meeting. It’s knit up in Rowan Wool Cotton. I wouldn’t like Ava in the Donegals though, and I don’t think anything in my stash would suit it, so I’d have to make a yarn purchase to make it. *sigh*

8 thoughts on “New Yarn

  1. Sock yarn is the perfect pick-me up. Not so expensive. Not huge amounts you need. So you can buy a little and get enough for a new project. It always works for me. Have an awesome weekend.

  2. I like “Joy” and “Ava” the best. I’d really like to get copies of the new Rowan books…they seem packed full of beautiful things! Sock yarn, especially unique and pretty sock yarn, is a great gift!

  3. You SO won’t go wrong with any of these options! They’re all gorgeous.
    I just browsed through the Vintage Style mag yesterday for the first time and was very impressed, but **should** put all new projects on hold until The House is livable. sigh. I’ll just, once again, have to knit vicariously through you!!

  4. Wow, Joy is gorgeous! I think I like that one the best and then Ava is a close second.
    Can’t wait until my LYS gets Rowan Vintage Style. I may have to break down and order it!

  5. na noo na noo
    all those designs you are thinking of knitting–I am thinking of knitting too
    I didn’t realize you were planning to sell your house. Hope you stay nearby! :)

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