Klara Pics

Klaralund is such a fun and easy knit. Silk Garden is a dream and I like the drape it gives at the looser gauge (4spi).

Klarafrontdone Klarasleevedec
a finished front! a sleeve
can you see what’s different?

I’ve decided to bell the sleeves with some decreases. All that fabric would start to annoy me and I think it would make me look like I’m wearing my big sister’s sweater. At 5’2″ extra fabric just looks frumpy. So I’m decreasing and then gradually increasing back up to the 66 sts before I hit the garter stitch.
Starmore Cushion
A big thanks goes out to Christina for suggesting Jamieson & Smith as a good substitute to the AS yarns. The color palette is gorgeous! The catch? The cushion is done in 3 ply and the J&S 3 ply palette is far more limited. So, I’m considering doing it in the 2 ply and maybe adding an extra border. If I didn’t, a 16 inch pillow would become 12.5 inches. I’m going to ask Kelly though. If she’d prefer the smaller size then I’ll just run with it.
BTW, J&S has been very friendly. I emailed them some questions yesterday and they replied back promptly with all the answers.
Lace Knitting
I’m in love! I’ve never done any substantial lace knitting before. I’ve been playing with charts and colors and it’s great fun. I’ll post about it in detail tomorrow but here’s a sneak peak if you’re curious.

7 thoughts on “Klara Pics

  1. I love your colorway for Klaralund so much! Are you going to match up the stripes from front and back? Lace knitting looks awesome!

  2. Rowan has a DK weight that is comparable to Jamieson’s. Can’t remember the exact name, Rowanspun? Anyway, their colors are very pretty, too. Fireballhead is using some for the IK felted floral bag.

  3. YAY – a Klaralundepicture! I like that colorway too – love how the bronzey-copper sits with the cooler colors.
    Yeah, that pink stripe just bugged me – if it had gone to a darker color next, I wouldn’t have minded – I think after matching the sleeves up fairly well, it stands out more to me than it would have if I’d gone random with the sleeves, LOL…the price to pay…

  4. I will ask my mom tomorrow about AS subs. She is AS knitter extraordinaire from here and abroad. She knows her yarn! Love Klaralund. And the lace knitting looks fab.

  5. Klaralund is a pretty pattern. I wish I could knit one for me! Good luck with it. As for lace knitting….. it has been a passion of mine since I first discovered it. I don’t do it nearly enough. It is very rewarding, although it takes a lot of time. I spent 5 months on a shawl last year and am so excited the weather has turned so I can wear it.

  6. i like your idea of doing bell sleeve and decreases. i’m a short gal too. i thought that the sleeves as done in the pattern would be over-powering for me too. do you mind sharing the re-write of your sleeves? i’m just about through the front of mine and will start on the sleeves next and then do the back. i thought i should do the sleeves together, at the same time and i thought i should do them before the back so i would have more “skein choices” for matching.
    thanks, laurie

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