Long Weekend

capemaylighthouseLike most Americans, I’ve been anticipating this weekend!
As an employee I’ve been looking forward to the extra day off.
As a home owner I’ve been looking forward to some more progress on the house.
And as a knitter I’ve been looking forward to the unofficial kick off of fall!
The wool knitting will now kick into high gear to make sure I don’t have a repeat of my Rogue finishing (I finished it at the end of March and only wore it 3 times). I have Rogue to break out of the closet, and my Phildar hoodie and Gerbera pullover to knit on and look forward to wearing soon.
What projects have you been looking forward to in anticipation of autumn?
Fall knitting. Gotta love it.
As a way of saying goodbye to summer I thought I’d leave you with my favorite pic from our Cape May trip a couple weeks back.

4 thoughts on “Long Weekend

  1. I’m full force into the fall knitting also. I’m actually looking forward to the cool weather and curling up in warm knit things. I’m so ready for it that I wore my newly completed wool cardigan to work on Friday! Hey, it’s air conditioned there, I wasn’t too hot, and I can push up the sleeves if I have to! Yeah for fall knitting.

  2. Fall knitting? Not here. Sunday it was 107 here in Los Angeles (the valley) and suppose to be the same today.
    Funny thing, I bought 13 balls of wool on Saturday to make a long coat/sweater. Think the heat has me?????
    Have a wonderful Labor Day, day off!

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