My Pretties


I got my Spirit Trail yarn. It’s lovely! I had a hard time choosing which one to keep and which ones to gift out. I ordered 3 different types of sock yarn and they’re all wonderful.
The fingering weight (pinks) has 20% nylon in it for sturdy wear. The lighter weight merino (oranges) is more of an everyday kind of weight. And finally, the heavier weight merino (blues and greens) looks to me like it would make a lovely pair of heavier boot socks. All 3 colorways are beautiful. The colors are clear and crisp — not at all muddied where they meet. It’s obvious that Jen cares alot about the quality of her product.
I’ll be stopping by the post office today to get them on their way to the recipients. I don’t think they’ll get there in time for Labor Day so I’ll have to wait until next week to see what they think. I hope they like this yarn as much as I do.
Which one did I keep? I’m not telling 😉
Thanks everyone for your comments and input on Gerbera. I think I’ve made my decision. Tune in on Tuesday when I’ll hopefully reveal my color choices by way of the beginnings of the sweater.
I’m such a tease, aren’t I?

7 thoughts on “My Pretties

  1. Isn’t Jen amazing? I got two colorways of her sock yarn this week too. It is VERY much like Koigu. I got the watermelon/pinks and a blue/teal colorway. I haven’t taken pictures for my blog yet because my digital camera distorts colors so badly.

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