Viral Project

Klaralund is just sucking people in! I always thought it was a pretty pattern. When I saw Alison’s I said “ooh, I really like that”. Then, Stella mentions the same thing to me, and poof, Silk Garden yarn comes home with me. Then, Wednesday night I was showing it to Kim and she gave in and ordered yarn too!
I’m almost done with the back. I’ll post pics on Monday – this week has just not worked out for pics. So I shamelessly updated my blog skin to distract you.
I’m down 1.5, so a total of 11.5 since Christmas. I had hoped for at least 3 by today, so I suspect I ate some hidden carbs somewhere. No worries, I’m committed to this right now. It just feels right and I know I will succeed :)
Tonight I’m going to New Hope to kick off the weekend. Saturday, a close uncle is visiting and then Sunday is the Philly Knit out and dinner with Stella in Chinatown! I’m totally booked but I should get in some good knitting time on Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Viral Project

  1. Y’know, when I saw the title for this post, I thought, “Ooh, a microbiology-based project!” And then I realized that wasn’t what you meant… Enjoy your Klaralund, though.

  2. I *love* the new header photo…Red Japanese Maples are among my favorite things (my great-grandmother planted one at my parents’ house for my 1st birthday, so it’s my birthday tree…*grin* – and it’s HUGE now!
    Best thing to do with those trees in the autumn…on a bright, clear, sunny day, sit underneath and enjoy the stained glass effect…ahhhh….

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